Let's take you from frustrated, overwhelmed or insecure
to confident, successful & fulfilled at work!

You're smart, dedicated, & have so much to give to this high-potential career you’ve landed...

but you're not going anywhere.

You want to stand up & shine in your brilliance,

but your confidence (or the weight of your workload) is holding you back & in reality,

you can't stand up or keep up, let alone get ahead.

Well stress no more, I've got you covered - read on to find out how to put more money in your pocket & less stress on your plate!

My career performance coaching is designed specifically to give you the clarity & confidence

you need to find true fulfilment in your career & step into that vision you have for a

whole-hearted, truly happy & successful future.

I'll provide you with the mindset shifts you need, to create the change you want, as well as practical tools to help you day-to-day with challenges at work.

We’ll develop a longer-term strategy to set goals in alignment with your authentic vision & values, plus the confidence to achieve them!



  • ​Lack confidence but really want an impactful career

  • Always feel overwhelmed & bogged down with workload, requests & responsibilities

  • Feel under-valued at work even though you have so much to contribute

  • Have had enough of feeling like a victim & are ready to fully embrace & enjoy the potential your career has to offer you!



  • Standing up & contributing to a team fully engaged & on board with your ideas

  • Consistently on top of your workload, feeling in control week after week

  • Feeling relaxed leaving work on time every single day, with a ton of energy for the evening plans you made

  • Celebrating your latest promotion or another pay rise because your self confidence allows you to network, negotiate & create opportunities for yourself to shine

  • Sleeping easy every night, knowing you're exactly where you need to be, fully accepting & loving of yourself, excited about the future you're building

  • Making plans for your future investments with the increased income you’re earning

​​Time is our most precious commodity, it's the only thing we can never get more of - so the sooner you focus on creating a future you'll love, the more of it you have to enjoy!

So...are you ready to start saying "Hell No!" to the late nights, the passive aggressive emails & allowing people to throw you under the bus for their own gain...

And start saying "Hell YES!!" to having a more relaxing, satisfying personal life,

while you celebrate your own promotions & earning more money to boot?

I did not find any situation troubling me that Charlotte couldn't help direct me out of it.


Her positive and warm, welcoming attitude helped me open up. No matter what emotion and challenge I came with she was able to help me find a positive solution.


Our coaching sessions were like a safety net, I looked forward to each one of them as I knew I will have a friendly face that will listen and support me, where I'd feel understood

Edyta Dolan, Service Delivery & Program Manager




12-week 1:1 Coaching Programme

3 months of mindset work & practicable exercises, with ongoing support to level up your self-confidence, quality of relationships, success & happiness...



Group Coaching Session

Experience what it's like to work with a coach before taking the plunge (& tackle a current challenge or frustration)...

Working with Charlotte was my first ever experience of working with a coach, and I can honestly say I would recommend it to everyone.

I really enjoyed working with Charlotte and wish I had had the opportunity to have this kind of coaching years ago! I think it would have really helped my confidence and, consequently, my career progression.

Charlotte created this incredibly calm safe space where we could openly discuss every little thing, without judgment, and identify how that was restricting me from really being my best every day in the here and now.



Send me a message to chat through any questions you have before booking a call - I'll be happy to help & will get back to you as soon as I can!

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