Cultivating Confidence

12-week 1:1 Coaching Programme


“Charlotte was a great soundboard at the time when I needed it. She guided me back towards being self confident again by listening, asking challenging questions, directing my thinking towards creating positive outcomes.


She also showed me a bunch of techniques I can keep reusing whenever I need them. Working with her is very easy as she is a warm, welcoming person that you feel comfortable to be around and speak your mind”

Edyta Dolan

Programme Services Manager


Does this sound like you?

Hard-working & compassionate...

You know deep down you’re good at what you do & you want to do more


But worrying about what people might be thinking about you has you constantly questioning yourself


You probably don’t believe you deserve the recognition you’re striving for, maybe you don’t think the idea of success you have in your mind is something that’s meant for you - at least not without breaking your back to earn it

If you're honest...

You’re not really putting yourself out there like you know you need to, if you want to achieve your goals...


So you’re caught between a rock & a hard place - it feels frustrating & disheartening being stuck where you are - but the idea of putting yourself out there feels uncomfortable too.

What would be possible if you could:

Switch off & stop worrying, turn off that inner critic & quit overthinking everything 


Shut down your laptop, relax & enjoy time to yourself - doing what you love to do, the things that make you happy 

Really feel like you’re fulfilling your potential at work & making the most of life?

Working with Charlotte has changed my life! I have benefited not only professionally but also in my personal life from the work we have done together.


Charlotte has helped me achieve more balance in my life whilst being able to excel at work - a combination which I didn't know was possible!


Nicola Surrey,
Market Development Manager

This programme is IDEAL for you if:

  • You have a clear goal to achieve - be that building a reputation for being the best at what you do, becoming the CEO or balancing a thriving career and happy kids at home


  • You know that confidence is the missing piece in your journey to success, the biggest thing holding you back from fulfilling your potential, achieving your dreams & being totally happy


  • You’re ready to do something differently, to commit to new habits, more helpful ways of thinking & to action steps you can see will fill the gap in what you want to achieve in your career

  • Feeling lighter & more positive

  • Having more time for yourself & your own wellbeing routine

  • Easier, more fun & affectionate relationships

  • Lower stress levels, reduced anxiety & worry

  • More independence & love for yourself

WARNING: potential side effects of this programme may include:

Here's what the programme looks like:

12-weeks of support including 10 calls (held online), unlimited chat support, & personalised exercises for you to complete both in-session & independently


The framework below is designed to support, but not mandate what we'll cover, which means each experience is unique - this is because I want to ensure I'm directly supporting what your challenges are & what you want to achieve

The format first provides a solid period of time (2 months of weekly calls) for us to work through your specific needs, desires & blocks, where you’ll:

  • Build a better understanding of what you want in life, so you can choose the paths that lead you towards more of it

  • Get to know your unique body & mind, plus how you best interact with the world around you to get what you need without resistance

  • Learn how to work with your energy rather than against it so every day feels easy

  • Create routines & boundaries that make you feel good & set you up for success 

  • Weave in sustainable strategies that move you closer to your bigger goals without overwhelming you

In the final month, the implementation weeks allow time for you to put what we’ve been working on into practice & see how it feels/what results or shifts you get, & give you more independence to continue the habits you’ve built, while using the calls to make any adjustments & address anything new that might stop you from continuing the good work in future.


I got so much more than I expected from this programme.


I have a very demanding, deadline-driven role and was struggling with work-life balance and priorities upon returning to work after maternity leave. I was worried about how I would even fit this course in, but Charlotte was able to help me find the time with some quick-fixes that I could implement immediately during our first session.


As we worked through the course in more depth, Charlotte helped me to see more clearly how I could work more efficiently, impactfully and add value whilst also managing my time and gaining more confidence to ask for help or say no.


We've recently worked through a very busy period and thanks to Charlotte, I have been able to maintain work-life balance (and my sanity). I'm really glad that I had the opportunity to work with Charlotte and recommend her.

Laura Ward,
Principal Medical Writer

  1. The 411: Looking at your current environment to establish what's making you feel disempowered, & honouring your emotions about it - helping you to understand your needs & emotions, detach from people's behaviours & respond rather than react - great for communication, setting boundaries & fear of judgement

  2. Finding The Blocks: Exploring your previous experiences to understand what they've taught you to believe, & understand why your confidence isn't where you need it to be - so you can identify unhelpful thought patterns when they come up, empowering you to choose better & believe that a different outcome is possible (so you can make it happen)

  3. Building Confidence: Mindset work to alter the way you speak to yourself, how you make decisions & analyse what's going on around you, to stop over-thinking & self-criticising, so you can stop thinking about how great it would be if you did the thing, & actually do it!

  4. Lifestyle Redesign: Exercises to tap into your deepest desires & find out what it is that would really make you feel fulfilled in this life, both at work & outside of it - then creating the ways you can start living it

  5. Manifestation work: Time for the strategy - what actions do you need to take (or stop doing) to allow those dreams to become a reality? Combining the mindset work with strategy to stop dreaming & start doing.

  6. Implementation: Time between calls 9 & 10 to give you space to put all of your breakthroughs, new ideas, & plans into action so you can see how different situations feel when you approach them with your new range of tools, beliefs & intentions - using this time to see what feels good & build confidence in yourself to adapt your approach independently

What's involved?

The 6 step framework of Cultivating Confidence™

How does the scholarship scheme work?

This scholarship scheme is a new concept & the current round of applications offers one free place on the programme. The intention is to provide this opportunity for someone who may not be in a position financially to join the programme otherwise, and to encourage others to look for & seize opportunities when they present themselves. We only change our realities by taking action.

The biggest investment you need to make into this programme is your energy. I’ll expect you to show up to our calls with an open mind, willingness to work & dedication to make the changes you want to see. 

The usual financial investment for the programme is £2,995 GBP - however should you be successful in your scholarship application, there will be nothing to pay!

How do I join?

If you know that building your confidence is the key to success, & would love to work with me to help you fulfil your potential, you can apply to the Cultivating Confidence™ programme by simply 
clicking the link below & completing a short application form - we'll also have a quick call to
 confirm that we're a good fit to work together (& check availability to start)

I'll be forever thankful for Charlotte's guidance and support at a time where I was at a crossroads in my career and life.


She gave me the tools to gain a perspective I didn't know was even there and find the confidence to take control of my future. Thank you so much!

Louise Cwiklinski,
Brand Manager