Why Employee Experience (EX) is so important - and why we chose HORSES to help you improve it!

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

The Employee Experience (also known as EX), similar to Customer (CX) or User (UX) Experience is the journey each of your employees goes on throughout their time with your company, including each of the 'touchpoints' or interactions they have - be that with managers, colleagues, clients, processes or even the office environment.

EX in its broadest sense includes each experience from recruitment (the moment they see the job advertised) right through to termination (& the exit interview) - but the piece that matters most to me is the huge chunk in the middle where you can Engage, Inspire, Develop & Retain your employees to build the business & the culture you really want, so that as you scale, your team is building & expanding that culture - as well as operations you can rely on - around you.

I've worked in all sorts of companies & had many experiences that many employees face at various levels (from project executive right up to operations manager, & pretty much everything in between!) - and it PAINS me to see how many companies lose FANTASTIC team members simply because they don't have the expertise or the time to put into those 4 stages that, when given due care & attention, pay it forward tenfold.

Losing a high-potential team member who you've invested time & money into bringing on board and training up can be devastating to any organisation (especially when that leaves you in the lurch to fill the gap) - so being able to retain or re-engage even ONE more employee than you would have otherwise can save literally thousands in recruitment costs, salary negotiations, productivity loss through training time (of the trainer AND the trainee) as well as through motivation & efficiency (absenteeism plus presenteeism)... the list goes on.

Creating an employee experience that motivates, inspires, teaches & rewards people creates safe, empowering, high-performing workplaces that not only run smoothly, but create better experiences for customers and ultimately attract more talent & more revenue.

At REFLEX, The 5 pillars of EX that we specialise in are:

  • Engagement

  • Performance

  • Development

  • Wellbeing

  • Retention

Each of these absolutely connect with each other - there'll be no retention without employees being interested in their work, connected to the mission of the company, feeling valued, like there's opportunity for their growth, & able to take care of themselves physically & mentally.

Likewise, training & inspiring staff to perform better & better without providing recognition or reward, or pushing them harder to perform without giving them time to unwind leads to a drop in motivation... then engagement... then retention. It's all about balance!

There are practically limitless ways to improve your company's EX, but in my opinion - these are the ones that matter. Each of these (& therefore that all important balance) can be improved by listening to & understanding what your team actually need, where they feel off-balance, and giving them the space & support to create the experience that works for them.

I'm a big believer in taking responsibility & accountability for our needs & our desires to create the life (& career) that fills our cup & fulfils our potential - so I can share my own experience & expertise to help you develop the skills & find that time to create opportunities for your employees to have the BEST experience with you - and give you their best, too.

I help people develop the self-awareness, confidence, communication skills, empathy, leadership skills & voice they need to engage with your mission, level-up their performance, & push themselves forwards (while taking care of themselves) to succeed - long term - in your company.

How do I do it? With horses. (Yup!)

I run Equine Facilitated Learning workshops (for individuals & groups) specifically designed for particular objectives - including team-building, leadership skills, personal development, communication, goal-setting, and even mindfulness, wellbeing, resilience & burnout.

Each workshop is unique to the requirements of the group, and includes a combination of coaching, goal-setting, interpersonal skills activities, observing & meeting the horses, and of course the EFL session in the arena with the horses.

Working with horses creates an 'out-of-the-norm' & very practical environment that encourages participants to get out of their heads & stop over-thinking things - so they can really see what's going on in the task at hand (& what they might do differently).

You can find more information about EFL - including exactly why horses really are the perfect partners - on my website.

There's no pre-requisite for an EFL workshop (you might even be afraid of horses to begin with - but that won't last long). All workshops are ground-based & taken entirely at your own pace - some participants don't even move an inch, & still learn something!

The difference with this kind of approach is that each person takes exactly what they need from the experience, & is able to apply that to their 'normal' life in some way. Plus - it's so much fun!

If you'd like to talk about booking an EFL workshop for your team, get in touch today!

P.S - traditional coaching & consulting packages are still available, & can be booked as additions or alternatives to EFL workshops to boost the balance & quality of your employee experience - just enquire here

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