An Original Team Building Idea That Ticks ALL The Boxes

Booking a team building activity: you love it or you hate it.

Most often, you probably love the idea of it but get caught in a quagmire of "we did that in 2007" or "Sherry doesn't like to drink"...

Creativity becomes a challenge, & you wish you'd never volunteered for what you thought would be a fun task yet has somehow become an insurmountable competition that's simply dragging you away from the work you need to get done.

On top of the pressure of organising "the best one yet" (especially coming out of a global pandemic & needing to "come back with a bang"), you're also trying to consider something that's actually worthwhile:

  • Cocktail-making: fun, but the aim is simply to pre-game before your boozy Christmas dinner

  • Escape room: hard-work, exciting & definitely original... or at least it was in 2018

  • Quad-biking: adventurous & exhilarating for the adrenalin-junkies, but make sure there's time for a shower before the ball!

Let's face it, great, memorable team-building activities are a hard task to master. They've got to be:

  • Fun

  • Inclusive

  • Interesting

  • Relaxing

  • Collaborative

  • Outcome-based (providing SOME kind of experience your team will learn from & bond over)

Equine Facilitated Learning ticks every one of those boxes, AND being a relatively new solution is definitely not something that's been-there, done-that!

EFL sessions involve teams working together to lead a horse around a specially designed obstacle course - obstacles that act as metaphors for real-life challenges!

The horse becomes your team's partner as they work through things like one-sided tracks (reflecting on times where work is being done behind the scenes, requiring trust, patience & communication), opening & closing gates (where everyone takes a role & cooperates to get through together) or stepping up onto a podium (celebrating reaching the goal as one team & looking back on how far they've come)

More than simply pulling a horse along on a rope, teams are challenged by including the horse as part of their own team & encouraging him to walk with them using nothing more than their energy & non-verbal communication - skills they'll learn very quickly if the horse isn't keen to cooperate, and ones that create an incredibly empowering & rewarding experience.

Workshop days include an EFL session, time spent learning about, observing & meeting the horses - including how to approach them, how they see & understand us, & how they respond to energy & the ways we present ourselves to them (and how this translates into our human interactions, including in the workplace) - and unique group workshopping activities related to the objective (goal-setting, reflections, group coaching)… the whole day can even be themed to match your event!

Fully inclusive, this original team-building activity is suitable for regular riders right through to those with a fear of horses (& believe it or not, can be delivered entirely indoors!)

An opportunity to learn about themselves, each other & how to make their team (& performance) stronger back at work, the day will leave them feeling uplifted, empowered, charged up & importantly - relaxed. Horses are very calm, grounded animals & the combination of a day away from the bustle of the office with time spent tuning into another being who lives only in the present moment is great for our physical, mental & emotional wellbeing (whether that's the objective or an added bonus!)

So don't fall into the trap of "what we did before but with a twist" - enquire today about treating your team to a fun, bespoke, & certainly memorable day that's sure to impact their engagement, motivation & performance when they get back to the office, too!

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