Money vs Happiness (& the transformation in transaction)

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

I often feel called to talk about helping people get promoted, or negotiating a pay rise at work - it seems like a sensible exchange when it comes to onboarding new clients: you pay me, & I'll help you earn more (so you get your investment back).

But I don't like to. Of course, those are results that many of my clients get as a result of working together...but it's not the point.

The results I'm most proud of, that I love working with clients to achieve, are those of increased confidence, fulfilment, satisfaction & clarity on what they really want from life (& how they can make that happen through their careers).

The promotions are just the cherry on top of the cake.

These are the results that clients tell me they really want, after they've signed up through one of my blogs about earning more money. They'll answer the question "What's the most important thing to you in life?" with "To be happy".

60% of my clients also sign continuation contracts with me because of the way they feel, not because of their financial goals

The reality is... you're not miserable at work because you're not paid enough.

You want the extra money to spend on things outside of work that lift your mood enough to survive the week.

Chances are, when you think about what your career used to be for you - the dream job (a few years ago) - it seemed so full of potential, an opportunity to get out there in the world & make an impact, do something big & exciting, create results to be proud of...

But that fire in your belly looks like embers right now - it's just a day job you never really get to switch off from.

Maybe you feel overlooked, overworked. Maybe you're frustrated about what you're able (or allowed) to contribute, or perhaps you're sitting idle (or coasting) because your lack of confidence is holding you back from actually doing the things that someone in your dream career would do.

If having a purpose is important to you, if it matters that you get up & go out every day to do something that lights you up & gets results that you feel proud of, where you feel you belong & make a difference to what happens around you... what would creating that as a reality for you, be worth?

One thing I've noticed through my own experiences working with coaches & mentors, & that my clients have fed back to me too - is that so much of the transformation is in the transaction.

Especially at the start of a personal development journey, you're entering into something totally new - they don't teach this at school (they should, though!) - it can feel scary, intimidating.

At the time of writing this, I'm actually about to begin a 3-month mentorship with a reiki healer for my own personal development - completely separate to my business. It's going to be deeper than the coaching & mindset work I've already done, it's going to push me well outside of my comfort zone, work through & heal past trauma, & probably redefine my lifestyle too. I'm terrified - but I'm also (more!) curious & excited to see what happens.

In my experience, the moment I sign the contract, or pay the invoice, something changes inside me - a commitment is formed. My mind & body realise: this is real, this is happening - my life is about to change for the better.

In those moments, you get the first shift. Like a weight lifting off your shoulders, you know better things are coming, & you're not alone anymore.

That's why coaching is a big investment. That's why it feels so much better to pay for it yourself, rather than through your company (although that's often an option if it's not possible for you!). You've committed money - something you usually preserve for things that give you instant gratification & comfort - to something bigger, something to put your faith in, something you can do to make your life better than it is now. How empowering is that?!

The irony is, when you feel better about yourself, more confident, more fulfilled - it's so much easier to take action towards things that generate more of the good stuff (including money!)

So what do you want more of, money or happiness?

If you want to begin your personal & professional development journey because you know you deserve to be happy, & that happiness is worth something to you - contact me today to talk about working together.

(If you don't value your happiness more than money, & want to work with me simply to achieve progression & financial goals - we can do that too, but I can't guarantee you won't be happier for it too!)

Every month I run a coaching forum - a (low-cost) fun & friendly introduction to career coaching for anyone who's considering working with someone objective to support them in their personal & professional development, to create the career & life they truly want. If you're unsure on what to expect, how it works or simply want to get some support on an individual challenge you're facing at work right now, you can join the next session here.

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