Do You Have The Attitude For Success?

Recently I was talking to a friend about how the attitude that you go into things with influences the outcome.

We started off on the example of going to the gym when you feel like it's just something you need to get done - part of your routine, just something you do each day - rather than something you're doing with a purpose, with a goal, with a result in mind (& the attitude that goes with that).

You can easily spot it in the gym - it shows up in not using the correct form, only taking short rest intervals, lifting lower weights than you need to - going through the motions rather than pushing yourself to improve your fitness.

But when you go into anything with that attitude, when you don't have that passion, fire or connection to the outcome, you simply can't put in the same attention and energy as you would otherwise.

It's just something (that you think you 'should' be doing, usually) to tick off the list, then go home and get on with your life.

And then you wonder why you're not seeing any progress...

When it comes to our careers, it's really not much different.

If you think of work as something that you just have to get done every day, something that's part of your routine that you can't wait to get home from, then you're not going to be showing up with the right attitude, delivering to the best of your ability, and making progress in the same way.

Sometimes we find that spark isn't there because we're not doing something that truly lights us up. A lot of the time, though, we lose that spark that we may have had initially because of the things we've experienced within that role.

That might be things that have happened with clients, with our boss, or with our co workers. It might be a mistake that we've made (and our ego has never quite recovered from). Or it might be burnout from putting in too much of our energy and too much of our effort, without taking a break or feeling suitably rewarded for it.

Having an awareness of this difference, and actively working on our mindset & attitude isn't something that's taught in many jobs, or at school - so it's really on us to take the initiative to reconnect with that purpose, relight that fire in our belly, and find the progression & fulfilment that we really want from our careers.

Oftentimes we struggle with our confidence to do anything about our situation. Many of us think that we don't deserve any more than we already have (because we'd already have it, no?!) because of the lessons that we learn throughout our lives.

Even from when we're children, we learn that when we do something good, or we do the right thing, or we do something that's expected of us, then we are rewarded.

Think about how often you were told to "sit quietly, & you can have an ice cream later", "practice the piano, & then you'll be good at it", or "go play with those children over there & then you'll make new friends".

So throughout our early lives, we're told that we do what we're told or what we're "supposed to", and we are automatically rewarded. But in reality, and in the adult world, that's just not how things work.

We're not being cared for by our parents anymore, & that means we find our own way in the world & buy our own ice cream simply because we WANT one (and that's good, by the way!) - but it also means that nobody's there waiting with the automatic reward.

So many clients come to me saying, I'm already quite successful because I've always worked really hard, but that doesn't seem to be working for me anymore.

That's because there ARE some circumstances where you can show willing, initiative and do certain things where the reward or the result is laid out for you already - but that's usually when we're still learning, or when the results we create are more tangible.

As our responsibilities grow, so do the areas of our lives that we're in charge of. We are the ones that have to create the reward for ourselves, because there's nobody else that is going to give it to us.

That means we need to take a whole new approach, learn a different attitude to create those results and realise that it's our responsibility to take them.

So if you've got to the point where you don't want to go through this cycle even ONE more time (you know, the one where you've worked hard, not been recognised, felt terrible, worked harder, still not been recognised, felt even more terrible...) and you're ready to take action now to create that recognition for yourself, to create your own rewards, and to decide your own direction, so you can fulfil your potential and feel finally satisfied and happy - then you can take this as your opportunity.

I work with professional women who have hit that point in their career, where they know they're made for more but they're not getting the opportunities given to them, and it's affecting their confidence. I help them to build a clear understanding of what it is that would make them truly happy, to develop their confidence (& the skills) to go after what it is that they want to achieve in their careers, and at home, so they can finally feel like they're giving it all they've got & reaping the rewards for it.

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