12-week 1:1 Coaching Programme

Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here. 

This is the first step to making some big changes to transform your career (& your life)!

What's life looking like in 6 months if you do nothing about what's bringing you down right now?

Constant headaches from staring at your laptop screen for more & more hours every day...

Self confidence at an all-time low, beating yourself up for STILL having made no progress...

Exhausted & isolated, never having the time or energy to catch up with your friends...

Or what could you be doing in 3 months' time if this was your new normal?

Enjoying early nights (or nights out!)

Time to yourself at weekends, to spend with family & friends, or start that new thing you keep meaning to

Splashing out on a new handbag to celebrate your latest promotion

(or to reward yourself for sticking to that diet plan you keep meaning to start)

& planning a dream holiday where you know you’ll actually be able to switch off & relax.

Let’s make that a reality for you, shall we?

Here’s what the 12-week accelerator programme looks like:

Weeks 1-6: Clarity, Mindset & Strategy

6 x weekly calls where we’ll deep dive into what it is you really want from your career (& your life overall):

We’ll get clarity on what drives you, what you really care about, & what it is that’s holding you back.

Mindset work in this stage will transform any limiting beliefs or personal blocks that are preventing you from showing up with your A-game every day, or allowing you to let your contribution go unnoticed.

We’ll set goals for our time together as well as what you want to achieve in the long term, & build out a strategy that gives you a true - adaptable - road map & accountability to keep moving towards your vision.

Weeks 7-12: Implementation, Reflection & Alignment

3 x fortnightly calls where you’ll have the space to put into practice everything we’ve covered so far, while feeling

fully supported along the way.

This extra time between calls to implement the tools, exercises & tasks that we’ve discussed provide the opportunity to truly reflect on the results you’re creating - what’s working, what needs tweaking to feel truly aligned with who you want to be & what you want to achieve.

Any new mindset demons might show up here too, so between the wins we’ll be celebrating, you’ll also benefit from my ongoing support to help you through any new challenges, to set you up to

support yourself successfully in the future.

Between sessions, you’ll have access to additional support from me through Voxer, where you’ll be able to ask any questions, shout when you have a wobble, & share what’s going well for you so we can celebrate together!

You’ll get: a cheerleader in your corner, an objective thought partner & someone to hold you accountable to make sure you get the results you’re determined to make happen.

We’ll break down each challenge together, to inspire & empower you to move forward in a sustainable way, so the results keep coming in the years to come.

If you’re ready to take the first small step towards some huge leaps forward in your career, your confidence & your fulfilment in life, I’m ready to help you make it happen.


Nicola Surrey,
Market Development Manager

Working with Charlotte has changed my life! I have benefited not only professionally but also in my personal life from the work we have done together.


Charlotte has helped me achieve more balance in my life whilst being able to excel at work - a combination which I didn't know was possible!


£2,995 GBP

Pay In Full
(One Time Payment)

£550 GBP X 6

6-Month Payment Plan 
(Total £3,300 GBP)

To begin your transformation journey, book a 30-minute discovery call to find out if we're a good fit to work together!