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Mindfulness & Wellbeing At Work

Friday 4th February, 9:30-11:30am, Southampton (UK)

This Workshop Is For YOU, If You Want...

  • A feeling of having 'reset' your mind, body & soul

  • Tools to help you slow down, gain perspective & prioritise when things are busy

  • Confidence to put your wellbeing first, even when you're feeling overwhelmed

Here's what you'll gain:

Physical exercises to reduce anxiety in the moment


An understanding of what you'd like to be different, & an opportunity to set goals to gain more control over that change


Group coaching experience to find solutions to common work-related stressors & find comfort in objective shared experiences


Methods of prioritisation to help you get things done & know when to walk away


Grounding meditation experience to energise & reset your nervous system, to help you communicate & connect with the horses (& other people)


Enjoy spending time with the horses free from pressure to perform or achieve, simply experiencing what it feels like to be present & in the moment


Practical experience of Equine Facilitated Learning (& the breakthroughs that come within), working through a course designed to empower you to:

- Manage your daily task list

- Hold space for your wellbeing on a daily basis

- Reflect on your achievements & celebrate yourself to build up your confidence

So you can feel empowered at work & feel like yourself again!

Workshop Agenda:

9:30 Welcome Tea & Coffee

9:45 Group Coaching

10:25 Paddock Work

10:45 Equine Facilitated Learning Course

11:15 Reflections & Accountability Session

Pssst... this workshop is in the past!
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