Are you feeling stuck?
Not getting what you want out of your career
- or frustrated at not able to GIVE what you want TO it?

I know the story, I’ve been there too!
Let me share how I got moving, quit worrying AND got paid
& how I can help you do the same...


Six years ago, I burnt out for the last time.

I'd acclimatised to the life of the pre-rush hour commute & pizza at my desk for dinner...

Of owning more projects than I could remember their names (or job codes!)...

Missing out on Friday night drinks, Sunday evenings spent ‘accidentally’ checking my emails, dreading the week to come.

I was DONE with my hard work and valuable contribution being ignored.

Every day felt totally overwhelming & I was totally alone with the burden.

I felt like I was wasting my time & losing the will as the days went on - if it didn't change, I knew I'd lose out on the opportunity of having a long-lasting, successful career for good.

I’d changed jobs, levelled-up, & always thought things would be different if I could get out & start over somewhere else with a different boss or team or role… spoiler alert - it wasn't the case.

Was it me? Was it just bad luck? Or is that just the way things are?

No. I knew the first wasn't true, I didn't believe in the second & I simply refused to accept the third.

I learned that the grass is never greener when you don’t change your approach. 

So I did something BOLD.

I took back control of my time, my performance & how I was showing up.

I started believing in myself. I set boundaries. I focussed on me instead of others. 

The result? Confidence in my work. Going home knowing I'd done my best.

Being completely in control of my own path 

(AND a £15K pay rise PLUS 2 promotions in just 2 years…)

The best part? I had BETTER work-life balance!

That's why I've made it my mission to help others just like me - who know they’re made for so much more - to stop leaving their talent on the table & step up to create their own success, in a way that empowers them to enjoy the process & create a positive experience for themselves & others around them too.

When it felt overwhelming, she gave me the tools to slow things down, find time where I thought there was none, and gain a perspective that I didn't know was even there, making every tough moment so much more manageable and even using it to spur me on..

Louise C


It's not all about the money... though you absolutely deserve to be recognised & compensated for everything you bring to the table (& it certainly helps to enjoy the finer things!)

Promotions, pay rises & career progression are all typical outcomes that my clients enjoy,

but what they tell me they love the most (& what I’m most proud of) is how much better they FEEL about themselves, what they already have & where they want to go.   

My top core values that run through my business are Integrity, Freedom, Peace & Service

I’m driven by the desire to help others & to enjoy life. 

Management that rewards toxic behaviour is my nemesis; I know that the high road is the one that gives us long-lasting reward, both emotional & financial, & through my experience over the last decade,

I know the route that I can share with you too.

Beyond my corporate experience in small agencies, SMEs & global corporations - beyond the project, account, operations & line management I’ve delivered over the past 9 years - I’m a certified life coach, training NLP practitioner & proud INFJ business owner (yup, that’s right, an introvert!).

Working with me will help you to explore what your own values & drivers are, how to bring in more of what lights you up every day (both in work & at home), how to channel your energy & unique working style to perform at your highest level & reap the rewards, day after day.

Less busy, More time. Less hate, More love. Less stress, More money.